How to make money online: Total newbie thought

How to make money online? A really silly question answered a million times in million pages. So, why I am making another blog on this subject? You must be wondering how a noobie is going to answer all this. Well I'm also thinking just like you; especially when I make almost nothing from online. So the answer is, I'm not going to answer this instead I'll share what I learn and what I feel and what I think is the right answer.

How to make money online is my first blog post, so as a newbie in this making money online business I'll try to be honest and will not try to misguide any one of you. Any noobie can share their thought or idea or even questions, I'll try to answer them with all my knowledge.

Now making money online as I've seen could be pretty easy. If you are from one of the developed countries like U.S.A or Canada. But unfortunately if you are from developing countries like Bangladesh or India; it’s pretty difficult. Why is that? Another question that has many answers but from my experience I've found the only answer is people from U.S.A or Canada can spend a lot of money others just don't have enough to spend.

Now if you don't like my answer or have something different in your mind, you can share as a comment at the comment area. We'll be happy to learn some different point of views or answers; so feel free to share your feelings and opinions.

I myself am a newbie and I'm not ashamed to say that. Every so called guru in this making money online business was a newbie at the beginning so am I. One fact I've learned in the past couple of years that those are more successful who considers themselves newbie all the time. And why is so; because internet and its applications are changing every now and then. So is the business, it's always changing.

Now I'll try to enlighten you the solid hard rock facts about making money online business.

Making money online is just as hard as it is in the real life. You have to work hard to make a living from this business. Making money online is a business just like other businesses out there. If you consider this as a fact then it is time for you to think how to make money online business work. Let me tell you a very important secret; making money online business is more difficult business than any other business you can think of.

You probably don't like this kind of discouraging information; well you don't have to like this but learn these facts before you step up and waste valuable time of your life day dreaming. Not every one is lucky enough to come up with an idea like Google or Facebook; so its time to wake up. There is no easy money out there on the net. Every single penny you earn is the result of hard work and patience.

So what about the dotcom lifestyle that the internet gurus are promising? What about the autopilot income generation methods? All of them are fake!

No, don't be dis hearted! Not all of them are fake but only a few of them are right and legit. So if you are asking the question that if it is possible to make money from online and make a living from it.

Yes! It is very much possible but it requires a lot of hard work and patience.

So if you think you can work hard and be patient then it is really possible to earn a decent amount of money from online. With hard work and experience may be some day you could have a dot com life style you're dreaming of. Now enough with the introduction; its time to jump on the real topic of making money online.

You could make money online in two ways

1.    By doing work for others and
2.    By working for yourself
By doing work for others: This is the easy way to earn money online. There are hundreds of other internet marketers who need to outsource their work to others. And they pay good money for the work you do for them. By doing work for others pays you in two ways, one is you get paid for the job you've done and the other is you gather experience which helps you in the future to work for yourselves.

These jobs could be easily found in the market places like or These are the best market places to work with. I'll write another post on these market places near future, so keep coming back.

By working for your self: This is the difficult way to earn money online. But once you start to earn this way pays good with a little effort. This is also called passive income source. This sort of income needs a lot of experience and vast knowledge on the subject you'll work on.

These type of earning could be made by creating a blog just like this one and blogs with own hosting. There are many different ways to earn passive income rather than blogging. I'll write another post about these methods shortly so don't forget to keep coming back.

So I think now you know the very basic knowledge about making money online. As I'm also learning and exploring more and more to make a decent living from online earnings; we all could learn together. If you like this post and found it helpful please share it with your friends. Also if you have any question about anything, fell free to ask. Just leave it in the comment section; I'll personally get back to you.

We've come to the end of this long post; I know you've got a lot of questions bubbling in your mind. Just let me remind you one more time I'm here to answer any of your questions. If I don't have the answer I'll try to find out the answer for you.

Thanks to be with us and do come back now and then for more down to earth making money tips and tricks.
Have a nice day and keep exploring. 

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