The online properties you must own to make money online: Essential Tools

The online properties that make online earning easy and successful are the essential tools any internet marketers must have. If you are looking for online earning then you must have these tools.

I’ve made a promise to my audience that I’ll be always honest with them and let me assure once more that I have every intention of keeping that promise.

In this post I’ll share some of the most essential properties of internet marketing that you must have. These properties will make your presence in the internet marketing loud and clear. But first let me remind you that in this short space it’s not possible to share everything. So I will only give you an overview but don’t worry in the future posts I’ll dig them real deep.

Your online presence should be the proof of your ability to market anything for others. How your online presence is the proof of your ability? The answer is if you are capable enough to present your self loud and clear then you’ll be able to represent others.

Remember in my previous posts I’ve revealed the big secret of making money online. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you go back read them and come back. So what is the big secret? The answer is whenever you make any money online you’re making them by selling something.

What are the properties that you must have? For your convenience I’ll describe them one by one in an organized way. The properties are as follows.

Email: You must have multiple email accounts with different mail service providers like , , etc. Try to make the email accounts be the same but only with different providers. Example: “ , “etc. This way you’ll be able to establish a brand for your self.

Google: This is the biggest name in the internet. You need to learn all the products and services of Google if you want to earn money online. Remember Google owns the major part of the internet revenue. Mind this; if you want to earn money online then Google is your best friend in every single way you can think of.

Google +1: This is the latest social networking app from our best friend Google. This is the fastest growing net work you ever known. You must join at once if you are looking for money online. This requires no more explanation.

Google Buzz: This is also a social networking app launched by Google; though this didn’t got very popular. But this is the big Google we are talking about; so don’t take chances. Get on with it.

Facebook: If you want to work as an IM then you must own the most popular social networking property. You must have an active facebook account. And for the optimum use of these properties you will need a lot of friend on your friend list. If you still don’t have any account yet just go to the site and register an account right now.

Twitter: In order to work as a successful internet marketer you must own a account with the most popular micro blogging site called twitter. This is a very strong tool for internet marketing. In my previous post I’ve shared a method of making money by using twitter.

LinkedIn: This is a business networking site; where business people meet each other. This could be very useful for you and your businesses rapid growth.

Digg: This is a social bookmarking site and a very useful tool for IM. Most of the internet marketers are using this for a useful source of traffic. Use the link, just go and sign up.

StumbleUpon: This is another very popular book marking site and another useful tool for IM. If you don’t have an account then use the link, just go and sign up.

YouTube: This is a video sharing site from Google. This allows you to use the site as a public data base for videos and share with others.

Flickr: This is a site from yahoo. This allows you to store and share pictures on the web.

Picasa: This is also a image or picture storing and sharing site. This is offered by google.

Craigslist: Free ad posting system; you will definitely need an account with them.

Skype: This is one of the best applications for voice or video conversation. You’ll need an account with them for future use.

Msn: This is another voice application for voice or video conversation. If you don’t like skype then you can use this one.

Yahoo Messenger: If you are more comfortable with yahoo then use this one for voice or video conversation.

           All these three voice conversation providers allow chatting in real time and these are free apps. And with the premium membership you’ll get a lot more.

There are a lot more you need to own in order to earn money online. But until now all the apps we’ve discussed in here are free apps. You don’t need to pay a single cent to own these properties. But that’s not all; you’ll need some more tools/properties for your online success.

Some of the tools are free to sign up but they’ll charge some thing for the services they provide. Some of the services are indispensable and you must have them in order to earn online. Services like paypal, Moneybookers and AlertPay are paid tools for monetary transaction online. So you’ll definitely need at least one account with any of them.

Use all of these platforms and become professional with every step forward. If you can master these platforms then earning online is not a dilemma. Start mastering them right now. If you have any question or any argument, feel free to leave as a comment. I will get back to you.

If you find this informative and helpful then please share with friends and families. Thanks for being with us and don’t forget to come back for more helpful information on how to make money online.
UPDATE: Online world moves pretty quick and it's been a long time since we made the post. The world has changed a lot, so does the tools. We'll do a new post on this topic as we need to move along with the time. So, check the newer post under this label for updated information. Hope that works for you.

Earn $1000 Every Month on Autopilot: Using Twitter

In my previous post I gave you a hint of our future posts. And now I’m going to tell you a secret method that could make you thousands of dollars; and the best part is it’s on autopilot. If you fell interested then pull up a chair and read the whole post thoroughly. Because at the end of this post we’ll give you some bonus exclusive tips.

You’ve heard about twitter, a micro blogging site which is very popular now a day. I’m assuming that you even own an account with twitter. If the answer is yes; then you should know how to twit and must’ve used a million times. But if you are not using it then I suggest that you go to the site and register an account right now. The service is absolutely free and serves the purpose.

So now that we’ve established that we all on the same platform and know what twitting is; then we should move on to our original point. Make money using twitter on autopilot. If you don’t know what is autopilot then let me explain a bit. Autopilot means you’ll get the earning from the method but you don’t have to work for that once you’ve established the process.

Well is it sounding interesting? I hope the answer is yes. Now all of you have used twitter before but none of you have used this as a tool for earning money online. You must be wondering is it really possible? The answer is yes you can; remember my promise that I’ll be always honest with my audience. No matter if you are participating or not; no matter how small the audience is I’ll keep my promise and will be totally honest with them.

So how you can earn money with twitter or by using twitter?

The answer is really easy, you have to use twitter as a medium of driving traffic towards your site or sales page. Remember in my last post I told you that the whole game of internet is to drive visitors to your site or page or even your sales page. By now you should get the idea of how to make money with twitter. If you still don’t get the idea then let me make this clearer for you.

Use twitter to drive visitors to your page and convert the visitors in to a sales lead. More visitors mean more business. Now how to do that?

Well grow your number of followers and then twit your sales page url with a catchy heading then promote your product or service or your sales campaign etc. Once you’ve established this source of visitors then you’ll be able to earn enough money and this will not stop for a long time. With a little effort you’ll be able to make this a winner.

You should have a question popping up in your mind that how will you grow your number of followers or how to promote your sales page. That’s a large topic to cover in this short space but don’t be upset. I’ve decided to write an eBook about how to use twitter and how to grow number of followers with in a short time. I will share all the tips and tricks of twitter including the very basics for the beginners. And I’ll give the eBook away for free to my readers; all you’ve to do is subscribe to my blog and leave a comment at the end of the post.

Wait I’m not finished yet; according to my promise at the beginning of this post I’m giving you some bonus tips here. These are the very basics of using twitter effectively and building social media connections.

Tips of using Twitter effectively are as follows

1.    Follow some accounts to be get followed
2.    Use “Who to follow” option to get the suggestions to follow
3.    Don’t follow more than 300 a day
4.    Tweet at least twice a day at the beginning  and
5.    Don’t spam or you’ll get banned

Remember these tips for using twitter and you’ll start to see some results right away. If you have any question regarding this please leave it as a comment at the bottom of this post. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

If you find this post helpful please share with your friends and families. And keep coming back for more valuable information on how to make money online. Until next time take care and thanks for being with us.

UPDATE: This method is getting hotter every single day. Penguin update by Google made this method more lucrative than ever. This is the highest selling commodity in the online money making business and helps dominating Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page!!) like crazy. Try this today and you'll see the difference for yourself. 

How to start making money online: The big secret unleashed

If you have read my previous posts and signed up with microworkers then this is for you. By any chance if you haven’t signed up; then I suggest you read them first and then signup. But if you’ve signed up and spent some time there then this is for you for the next step. Remember I’ve promised to be honest with my audience and I intend to keep my promise from the bottom of my heart.

Now that you’ve earned your first dollar and some cents you should be more confident that earning online with a computer and an internet connection is very much possible. And now is the time to take this to the next level. To advance to the next level you’ll need some knowledge and some experience to gather.

If you haven’t got the idea about earning online; let me tell you it’s all about traffic and sales. Traffic is the most important thing in the online money making business. Well we could say it’s all about traffic. In the field of internet marketing you’ll eventually learn a lot about traffic and traffic types. But from my point of view any traffic is good traffic.

Now all of us are trying to make a living on this; so we need to understand the basics of the business. Imagine that you have a great site or blog with a lot to offer but no visitors; then it’s a complete waste of time. If you don’t get visitor to your site then it’s meaning less; all those valuable information or the great service you are providing has no meaning. So the main thing is that you have to bring traffic to your or your clients’ site in order to make money.

That’s it; now you know the big secret about making money online. You must be wondering is it that easy? Yes, it is this simple but easy? I don’t think so.

Bringing traffic to your site is not so easy. If you search any thing in any search engine; you’ll get thousands of results in return. For example if you search for a ticket to buy or even a car to buy online; you’ll probably get millions of result in return. But you’ll not go through a million of pages for your desired query. So the sites sit on the first page of the SERP (search engine result page) or may be in the first position gets the visitor. So the other millions of pages stand no chance of getting you as a visitor. Now may be you could understand what I was talking about.

So the whole game depends on the visitors or traffic. Fortunately there are other methods of getting visitors to your site. So that is the next step; just learn how to bring visitors to your site. Google it and you’ll get enough information to suit your last.

If you stick with my blog then I promise to disclose all the information to you for free. Or you could just leave a comment or question about anything I’ll get back to you. Let me give you some hints what’s coming up in the future.

In the coming days of the week we’ll cover the other sources of traffic rather than search engine like Facebook, Twitter and Forums etc. We’ll not only cover them but also will try to give you some tips of mastering these.

And last but not the least we’ll start our real journey for the empire we want to build online. We’ll share some great methods and ways to earn decent money online with less effort. Till then be well and learn more.

Making money online by working for others

Making money online by working for others is my second post to my own blog, so as I’ve promised that I’ll be totally honest with my audience; I’m writing this post. Making money online could be a very easy job if you are working for others, you must have a hundred of questions popping up in your mind. Have a little patience you’ll get all the answers right now. Well it was a little dishonest; I don’t have all the answers so I couldn’t give you all of them. But I’ll try to cover as much as I do know.

Making money online is a dream for all the newbie’s and with so many success stories lying around the web; one can’t stop dreaming of doing the same.

Let me tell you my first online earning story. After winding a lot around the web and learning a bit from the gurus of the internet I’ve made my first dollar as a signing up bonus from the market place designed for the newbies like me. One of my friends suggested me the site and after signing up they awarded me with my first dollar as signing up bonus.

So if you are still winding up here and there and couldn’t find any success; I suggest you to go to that site and just sign up. This is one of the coolest sites for newbies to earn and learn how to earn money online. Start with small jobs and learn the values in the internet money making.

If you want to start right now then just click the link here and start making money online. This site will give you the idea how to make money online. And after making your first $10 bucks you’ll understand the whole money making process on the net. So this is the link

Making money online is easy when you’re working for others. This way you’ve to perform some jobs for the other internet marketers and get paid doing so.

What kind job you have to do to earn money online? Well there are different kinds of job you could do like building sites for others, marketing others site, promoting others product etc. This really depends on you, if you have technical knowledge or can make some cool design you could get hundreds of jobs online from the market places. But if you don’t have technical skills like that then no need to be worried; you could also find plenty of jobs from the market places.

What is market place?

The market place is the place where people look for people to hire. In short this is place in the net where you could find jobs to do and get paid. In other words this is the place where organizations and people outsource their jobs.

Some of the greatest market places are ,,, , etc. Just Google outsourcing market places and you’ll find plenty of them.

At these market places job seekers called freelancers. And as of now many people around the world make their living from these market places. So don’t waste any time just go to these sites and start making money online.

Before finishing up I would like to tell you something more. This is not the end of the world there are many more ways to earn money online. In the next post I’ll share some more interesting ways of making money online, so don’t forget to keep coming back.

If you like my blog please don’t hesitate to tell your friends by sharing with them. I’ve created this blog to help the newbies with their goal of making money online. But I promise to post some advanced method of making money online which works in the near future; so please subscribe. This way whenever a new post is online you’ll get it fresh. Thanks for being with us and hope to see you soon with more valuable information.

Have a good day and be well.

How to make money online: Total newbie thought

How to make money online? A really silly question answered a million times in million pages. So, why I am making another blog on this subject? You must be wondering how a noobie is going to answer all this. Well I'm also thinking just like you; especially when I make almost nothing from online. So the answer is, I'm not going to answer this instead I'll share what I learn and what I feel and what I think is the right answer.

How to make money online is my first blog post, so as a newbie in this making money online business I'll try to be honest and will not try to misguide any one of you. Any noobie can share their thought or idea or even questions, I'll try to answer them with all my knowledge.

Now making money online as I've seen could be pretty easy. If you are from one of the developed countries like U.S.A or Canada. But unfortunately if you are from developing countries like Bangladesh or India; it’s pretty difficult. Why is that? Another question that has many answers but from my experience I've found the only answer is people from U.S.A or Canada can spend a lot of money others just don't have enough to spend.

Now if you don't like my answer or have something different in your mind, you can share as a comment at the comment area. We'll be happy to learn some different point of views or answers; so feel free to share your feelings and opinions.

I myself am a newbie and I'm not ashamed to say that. Every so called guru in this making money online business was a newbie at the beginning so am I. One fact I've learned in the past couple of years that those are more successful who considers themselves newbie all the time. And why is so; because internet and its applications are changing every now and then. So is the business, it's always changing.

Now I'll try to enlighten you the solid hard rock facts about making money online business.

Making money online is just as hard as it is in the real life. You have to work hard to make a living from this business. Making money online is a business just like other businesses out there. If you consider this as a fact then it is time for you to think how to make money online business work. Let me tell you a very important secret; making money online business is more difficult business than any other business you can think of.

You probably don't like this kind of discouraging information; well you don't have to like this but learn these facts before you step up and waste valuable time of your life day dreaming. Not every one is lucky enough to come up with an idea like Google or Facebook; so its time to wake up. There is no easy money out there on the net. Every single penny you earn is the result of hard work and patience.

So what about the dotcom lifestyle that the internet gurus are promising? What about the autopilot income generation methods? All of them are fake!

No, don't be dis hearted! Not all of them are fake but only a few of them are right and legit. So if you are asking the question that if it is possible to make money from online and make a living from it.

Yes! It is very much possible but it requires a lot of hard work and patience.

So if you think you can work hard and be patient then it is really possible to earn a decent amount of money from online. With hard work and experience may be some day you could have a dot com life style you're dreaming of. Now enough with the introduction; its time to jump on the real topic of making money online.

You could make money online in two ways

1.    By doing work for others and
2.    By working for yourself
By doing work for others: This is the easy way to earn money online. There are hundreds of other internet marketers who need to outsource their work to others. And they pay good money for the work you do for them. By doing work for others pays you in two ways, one is you get paid for the job you've done and the other is you gather experience which helps you in the future to work for yourselves.

These jobs could be easily found in the market places like or These are the best market places to work with. I'll write another post on these market places near future, so keep coming back.

By working for your self: This is the difficult way to earn money online. But once you start to earn this way pays good with a little effort. This is also called passive income source. This sort of income needs a lot of experience and vast knowledge on the subject you'll work on.

These type of earning could be made by creating a blog just like this one and blogs with own hosting. There are many different ways to earn passive income rather than blogging. I'll write another post about these methods shortly so don't forget to keep coming back.

So I think now you know the very basic knowledge about making money online. As I'm also learning and exploring more and more to make a decent living from online earnings; we all could learn together. If you like this post and found it helpful please share it with your friends. Also if you have any question about anything, fell free to ask. Just leave it in the comment section; I'll personally get back to you.

We've come to the end of this long post; I know you've got a lot of questions bubbling in your mind. Just let me remind you one more time I'm here to answer any of your questions. If I don't have the answer I'll try to find out the answer for you.

Thanks to be with us and do come back now and then for more down to earth making money tips and tricks.
Have a nice day and keep exploring.