How to start making money online: The big secret unleashed

If you have read my previous posts and signed up with microworkers then this is for you. By any chance if you haven’t signed up; then I suggest you read them first and then signup. But if you’ve signed up and spent some time there then this is for you for the next step. Remember I’ve promised to be honest with my audience and I intend to keep my promise from the bottom of my heart.

Now that you’ve earned your first dollar and some cents you should be more confident that earning online with a computer and an internet connection is very much possible. And now is the time to take this to the next level. To advance to the next level you’ll need some knowledge and some experience to gather.

If you haven’t got the idea about earning online; let me tell you it’s all about traffic and sales. Traffic is the most important thing in the online money making business. Well we could say it’s all about traffic. In the field of internet marketing you’ll eventually learn a lot about traffic and traffic types. But from my point of view any traffic is good traffic.

Now all of us are trying to make a living on this; so we need to understand the basics of the business. Imagine that you have a great site or blog with a lot to offer but no visitors; then it’s a complete waste of time. If you don’t get visitor to your site then it’s meaning less; all those valuable information or the great service you are providing has no meaning. So the main thing is that you have to bring traffic to your or your clients’ site in order to make money.

That’s it; now you know the big secret about making money online. You must be wondering is it that easy? Yes, it is this simple but easy? I don’t think so.

Bringing traffic to your site is not so easy. If you search any thing in any search engine; you’ll get thousands of results in return. For example if you search for a ticket to buy or even a car to buy online; you’ll probably get millions of result in return. But you’ll not go through a million of pages for your desired query. So the sites sit on the first page of the SERP (search engine result page) or may be in the first position gets the visitor. So the other millions of pages stand no chance of getting you as a visitor. Now may be you could understand what I was talking about.

So the whole game depends on the visitors or traffic. Fortunately there are other methods of getting visitors to your site. So that is the next step; just learn how to bring visitors to your site. Google it and you’ll get enough information to suit your last.

If you stick with my blog then I promise to disclose all the information to you for free. Or you could just leave a comment or question about anything I’ll get back to you. Let me give you some hints what’s coming up in the future.

In the coming days of the week we’ll cover the other sources of traffic rather than search engine like Facebook, Twitter and Forums etc. We’ll not only cover them but also will try to give you some tips of mastering these.

And last but not the least we’ll start our real journey for the empire we want to build online. We’ll share some great methods and ways to earn decent money online with less effort. Till then be well and learn more.

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