Earn $1000 Every Month on Autopilot: Using Twitter

In my previous post I gave you a hint of our future posts. And now I’m going to tell you a secret method that could make you thousands of dollars; and the best part is it’s on autopilot. If you fell interested then pull up a chair and read the whole post thoroughly. Because at the end of this post we’ll give you some bonus exclusive tips.

You’ve heard about twitter, a micro blogging site which is very popular now a day. I’m assuming that you even own an account with twitter. If the answer is yes; then you should know how to twit and must’ve used a million times. But if you are not using it then I suggest that you go to the site and register an account right now. The service is absolutely free and serves the purpose.

So now that we’ve established that we all on the same platform and know what twitting is; then we should move on to our original point. Make money using twitter on autopilot. If you don’t know what is autopilot then let me explain a bit. Autopilot means you’ll get the earning from the method but you don’t have to work for that once you’ve established the process.

Well is it sounding interesting? I hope the answer is yes. Now all of you have used twitter before but none of you have used this as a tool for earning money online. You must be wondering is it really possible? The answer is yes you can; remember my promise that I’ll be always honest with my audience. No matter if you are participating or not; no matter how small the audience is I’ll keep my promise and will be totally honest with them.

So how you can earn money with twitter or by using twitter?

The answer is really easy, you have to use twitter as a medium of driving traffic towards your site or sales page. Remember in my last post I told you that the whole game of internet is to drive visitors to your site or page or even your sales page. By now you should get the idea of how to make money with twitter. If you still don’t get the idea then let me make this clearer for you.

Use twitter to drive visitors to your page and convert the visitors in to a sales lead. More visitors mean more business. Now how to do that?

Well grow your number of followers and then twit your sales page url with a catchy heading then promote your product or service or your sales campaign etc. Once you’ve established this source of visitors then you’ll be able to earn enough money and this will not stop for a long time. With a little effort you’ll be able to make this a winner.

You should have a question popping up in your mind that how will you grow your number of followers or how to promote your sales page. That’s a large topic to cover in this short space but don’t be upset. I’ve decided to write an eBook about how to use twitter and how to grow number of followers with in a short time. I will share all the tips and tricks of twitter including the very basics for the beginners. And I’ll give the eBook away for free to my readers; all you’ve to do is subscribe to my blog and leave a comment at the end of the post.

Wait I’m not finished yet; according to my promise at the beginning of this post I’m giving you some bonus tips here. These are the very basics of using twitter effectively and building social media connections.

Tips of using Twitter effectively are as follows

1.    Follow some accounts to be get followed
2.    Use “Who to follow” option to get the suggestions to follow
3.    Don’t follow more than 300 a day
4.    Tweet at least twice a day at the beginning  and
5.    Don’t spam or you’ll get banned

Remember these tips for using twitter and you’ll start to see some results right away. If you have any question regarding this please leave it as a comment at the bottom of this post. I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

If you find this post helpful please share with your friends and families. And keep coming back for more valuable information on how to make money online. Until next time take care and thanks for being with us.

UPDATE: This method is getting hotter every single day. Penguin update by Google made this method more lucrative than ever. This is the highest selling commodity in the online money making business and helps dominating Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page!!) like crazy. Try this today and you'll see the difference for yourself. 

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