The online properties you must own to make money online: Essential Tools

The online properties that make online earning easy and successful are the essential tools any internet marketers must have. If you are looking for online earning then you must have these tools.

I’ve made a promise to my audience that I’ll be always honest with them and let me assure once more that I have every intention of keeping that promise.

In this post I’ll share some of the most essential properties of internet marketing that you must have. These properties will make your presence in the internet marketing loud and clear. But first let me remind you that in this short space it’s not possible to share everything. So I will only give you an overview but don’t worry in the future posts I’ll dig them real deep.

Your online presence should be the proof of your ability to market anything for others. How your online presence is the proof of your ability? The answer is if you are capable enough to present your self loud and clear then you’ll be able to represent others.

Remember in my previous posts I’ve revealed the big secret of making money online. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you go back read them and come back. So what is the big secret? The answer is whenever you make any money online you’re making them by selling something.

What are the properties that you must have? For your convenience I’ll describe them one by one in an organized way. The properties are as follows.

Email: You must have multiple email accounts with different mail service providers like , , etc. Try to make the email accounts be the same but only with different providers. Example: “ , “etc. This way you’ll be able to establish a brand for your self.

Google: This is the biggest name in the internet. You need to learn all the products and services of Google if you want to earn money online. Remember Google owns the major part of the internet revenue. Mind this; if you want to earn money online then Google is your best friend in every single way you can think of.

Google +1: This is the latest social networking app from our best friend Google. This is the fastest growing net work you ever known. You must join at once if you are looking for money online. This requires no more explanation.

Google Buzz: This is also a social networking app launched by Google; though this didn’t got very popular. But this is the big Google we are talking about; so don’t take chances. Get on with it.

Facebook: If you want to work as an IM then you must own the most popular social networking property. You must have an active facebook account. And for the optimum use of these properties you will need a lot of friend on your friend list. If you still don’t have any account yet just go to the site and register an account right now.

Twitter: In order to work as a successful internet marketer you must own a account with the most popular micro blogging site called twitter. This is a very strong tool for internet marketing. In my previous post I’ve shared a method of making money by using twitter.

LinkedIn: This is a business networking site; where business people meet each other. This could be very useful for you and your businesses rapid growth.

Digg: This is a social bookmarking site and a very useful tool for IM. Most of the internet marketers are using this for a useful source of traffic. Use the link, just go and sign up.

StumbleUpon: This is another very popular book marking site and another useful tool for IM. If you don’t have an account then use the link, just go and sign up.

YouTube: This is a video sharing site from Google. This allows you to use the site as a public data base for videos and share with others.

Flickr: This is a site from yahoo. This allows you to store and share pictures on the web.

Picasa: This is also a image or picture storing and sharing site. This is offered by google.

Craigslist: Free ad posting system; you will definitely need an account with them.

Skype: This is one of the best applications for voice or video conversation. You’ll need an account with them for future use.

Msn: This is another voice application for voice or video conversation. If you don’t like skype then you can use this one.

Yahoo Messenger: If you are more comfortable with yahoo then use this one for voice or video conversation.

           All these three voice conversation providers allow chatting in real time and these are free apps. And with the premium membership you’ll get a lot more.

There are a lot more you need to own in order to earn money online. But until now all the apps we’ve discussed in here are free apps. You don’t need to pay a single cent to own these properties. But that’s not all; you’ll need some more tools/properties for your online success.

Some of the tools are free to sign up but they’ll charge some thing for the services they provide. Some of the services are indispensable and you must have them in order to earn online. Services like paypal, Moneybookers and AlertPay are paid tools for monetary transaction online. So you’ll definitely need at least one account with any of them.

Use all of these platforms and become professional with every step forward. If you can master these platforms then earning online is not a dilemma. Start mastering them right now. If you have any question or any argument, feel free to leave as a comment. I will get back to you.

If you find this informative and helpful then please share with friends and families. Thanks for being with us and don’t forget to come back for more helpful information on how to make money online.
UPDATE: Online world moves pretty quick and it's been a long time since we made the post. The world has changed a lot, so does the tools. We'll do a new post on this topic as we need to move along with the time. So, check the newer post under this label for updated information. Hope that works for you.

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