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Making money from home is a legit way of earning money nowadays , lots of people are earning money from home by doing different kind of online jobs. This is not a dream anymore and virtual office and freelancing is a reality now a day. But I feel sorry when I see people asking questions about this kind of jobs. Some of the smart kind of people still thinks that these jobs are basically scams and in the end you’ll not get paid. But the fact is anyone can earn money from home by working online.

Ways to make money from home:

There are a number of ways to make money from online and all of them requires at least some skill. We will try to cover most of those one after another. I know lots of people think that you need real technical skills like programming or graphic designing or web development to earn money from home. And this was a truth, but only a decade ago. Now anyone can earn a decent living from online jobs and some make millions by doing some online businesses. Here I am listing some easy jobs that could be done by just anybody without any technical skill. Just study these and I’m sure that you will find something that suits you. So here is the list, just check it out……
•    Earn money by writing articles.
•    Earn money by bookmarking (websites or blogs etc).
•    Earn money by posting on the forums.
•    Earn money by tweeting short messages.
•    Earn money by promoting on Facebook.
•    Earn money by submitting to directories.
•    Earn money by promoting on Google Plus.
•    Earn money by commenting on blogs.
•    Earn money by writing reviews.
•    Earn money by proof reading.
•    Earn money by translating documents.
•    Earn money by working as virtual assistants.
•    Earn money by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I hope this list is good enough for evaluating your area of work or interest. If you still have a problem finding something that you can do then you can visit this link here for more options. Now lets get on with our mission today.
I can assume that you already know what is article writing and bookmarking websites, but if you don’t know them then just leave a comment at the bottom of the post and I will try to make a new post with the tips and tricks. That leaves us with forum posting, so we’re going to cover forum posting a to z in this post. First we need to learn about forums a bit before starting to earn money by forum posting.

What is a forum?
A forum is a group of people who gathers together for discussions or exchanging point of views. Typically forums form on the basis of topics and common interests.

An internet forum is an online version of  a typical real life form. Basically it’s a discussion site that allows people to discuss or exchange views on the related topic. Internet forum is also called “Bulletin Board”  or “Message Boards” or “Discussion Group” and “Web Forum”.
Internet forums are different from chat rooms and blogs. Chat room allows people to chat at the same time  and blogs usually allows only selected authors to write any post. A forum allows all members to post or create posts. A forum also keeps all the discussion for anyone to view in any later date and members can post a reply to any post.

A forum is also different from social networking sites like Facebook or twitter. Social media only allows visitors to see post only posted by their friend or friend's friend. But anyone can see any post in the forum and could take part in the discussions too.

Forums are a good source of relevant traffic or visitor to web sites. Every forum has their own set of rules for their members and only members are allowed to post. There are four types of forums that could be found on the net.

Types of Forum:
1.    Private Forum (Only members can see the posts and threads)
2.    Public Forum (Anyone can see but only  members can post)
3.    Paid Forum (You have to pay a fee to become a member)
4.    Free Forum (It’s free to become a member, could be both private type or public type)
I hope you’ve got an understanding about online forum. But if you feel that you need to know a bit more they you can try this link and  this link.Now let’s see how to post on a forum?

How to do forum posting?
Now that we know what is a forum, let’s learn how to post on a forum. Thousands of forum could be found on the net and they could literally focus on any topic in the world. You name it and there’s a forum on that topic. But in order to find a relevant forum you must know how to find related forum on the net.

How to search related forum?
We all know if you want to find anything on the net; Google is the place you need to go. Now if you’re looking to connect with a bunch of people that have an interest in making money online then what would you do? Of course you’ll go and Google the term making money online. So let’s go and find something that is relevant to our search query. Here in this case that search query will be “making money online”.
Search Related Forum
You can see a lot of results came in but not the results we’re searching for. These results tend to be everything that could be found against the search query “make money online”. We know that we are searching for forums only. So to get the forums only version of search results,we’ve to use this method that is shown in the next image.
Search Forums Only

Now in this image we can clearly see that most of the results is from internet forum. That’s because we’ve selected the discussion filtering in the Google search. This is a nice way of finding  related forum online. I should also include this that this is not the only way to search for forums in Google, there are other ways to find forums. I will try to make another post on this some time later.

How does a forum look like?
Please watch the image carefully. This is how a  typical forum looks like. For your convenience I have just pointed some major sections of a forum. These points include register link, thread, posts, number of members and FAQ.
A Typical Internet Forum

How to register on a forum?
Registering on a forum is very easy. I hope that you’ve registered for Facebook or twitter, forum has the same system for registration. Though most of them uses this system but some of the forum requires payment to get registered (paid forums).

Just find the Register link on the home page, usually every forum site has one. Click the link and follow the instructions, that’s it.

How to edit profile on a forum?
After the registration process has completed just come back and log in using your username and password. Then just  look for the “edit your profile button” , follow the link and you’ll see all the options to edit your profile. Fill all the required information and then click save. You’re done.
If you can’t find “edit your profile” button then you can use “user CP” button. User CP means user control panel. From there you can edit your personal info including “forum signature”.
Forum Signature editing in User CP

User CP in a Forum

Special Advice: Every forum has their own set of rules. Don’t violate the rules and guidelines, doing so can and will get you banned from the forum.

How to post on a forum?
I know that it is not that difficult once you’re familiar with the interface of forums. More or less every forum has similar structure and interface. So if you can master one then you can be flawless on the others. I know from my experience that it is really confusing at the beginning. Like you don’t know where to post or how to create a new one, and the list goes on.

So for your convenience I am going to give you a brief description of how to post on a forum. So let’s get on it.

For posting in forums you’ve to log in first and then you’ll see  the options that allows you to post on a forum. Just look into the following image to get a clear idea. I hope I am able to make it easy for you.
How to post on a Forum

What is a forum signature link?
Forums allow its member to use links in any post they submit. These links appear automatically every time a user posts , these links are called “Signature”. These signatures are a way of promoting a product or a site. Mostly to attract new business, forum owners let people use a link at the bottom of a post. And a lot of members find it very interesting,useful and attractive to use a link of their site or product they promote.  This is also a very popular way of building back-links.

Forum signature puts a link automatically  every time a post is made by a member. But the signature has to be activated first before it could be applied.

Forum uses a different sort of tags or code or language, used just as html. This sort of coding is called BB Code and they are widely used in forums for better performance. You can see in the image here a set of BB Code. For more information on BB Code you can go here.
BB Code

How to apply signature link?
A lot of people find it difficult editing links in forum signature. I’ve also faced some difficulties in my early days, but let me tell you it is not difficult at all. When you know where to look for then it becomes really easy to edit the signature link.

Usually the signature link editing options could be found in your User CP. Just follow the link and you’ll find an option to edit your signature. Remember to use BB Code instead of HTML tags in signatures.

Normally most of the forums allow their members to use anchor text linking in the signature. But the recent Penguin update from the major search engine Google imposed a penalty in SERP for the excessive use of “Anchor Text”. So use this option intelligently.

How to create new threads in a forum?
Sometimes you’ll need to create new threads in forum. But for the newbies it’s confusing and most of the newbies fail to create a new post. Creating a new post is as easy as posting a reply. The difficult part is how to make the threads attractive and how to implement keywords in the thread property. This is a large topic to cover in this short space. I’ll create a new post covering this topic.

To create a new post, you’ll have to find the “create new thread” button. Just look for the button and I’m sure you’ll find it there. Just follow the link and follow the instruction. Submit newly created post and you’re done. I’ve added an image here for better understanding.

Creating a new thread

I think that I’ve covered almost all the major part of forum posting. Now it’s time to learn how to make money by forum posting. I know you’re really interested in this part. So let’s not waste any more time.

How to make money by forum posting?

I know how frustrated this money making part could be if you’re trying to earn some money online and it’s not happening. I know how hard you try, it still is a difficult thing to make your first dollar online. I know, I can feel it. It reminds my first days online, how I was looking for ways to make money online and I couldn’t find any legit ways to make a decent living online. But I did not just gave up and kept trying and one day I made my first online dollar.I was so happy that I can’t describe the feeling, no one can and I think there is not enough words in English that could describe that feeling. So what I’m going to do is just tell you all the big secrets of making money online. So here it is.

If you know how to post on the forums and you know how to attract people to your thread (number of people viewed the thread created by you), I think you already know how to make money with it. The only thing that is stopping you is, your confidence. Get it straight guys, this is the way making money online. If you still don’t get it then just go over this post over and over again until you make yourself enough expert to post on the forums. And then just go find yourself some real highly populated forums and start posting. I can give you a suggestion though, in the beginning you only post on forums related to the field of your expertise. The big reason behind it is, if you start posting on forums that you’ve got a good knowledge of then it is going to be easy for you to create an authority around the particular niche. I hope you got the whole idea by now.

What if you still don’t get it? Well then the only thing for you is to find some paid forum posting service and start earning some money. These paid forum posting services let you make some money from the posts you make. I know what you’re going to  think next, how I am going to find some services that’ll really allow me to make some money? Well for you guys I have only one suggestion and this will lead you towards some services that will eventually make you some money.

Just do a Google search like this “Paid forum posting services” or “forum posting services” and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find yourself a decent service that let you make some money with it.
Now what else could make you some money by forum posting other than these paid forum posting services? Well there are several ways to earn money by forum posting. I’ll just list a few ways of making money by forum posting here, if you’re looking for more insights then just contact me at the contact us section of this blog. I’ll be glad to answer any question that you have in your mind.

Ways of making money by forum posting
•    By driving the traffic from forums to your blog or blogs.
•    By driving the traffic to your affiliate link
•    By driving the traffic to your service thread
•    By building an authority for yourself
•    By gaining the trust of these targeted visitors
•    By selling personal consultancy to these traffic
•    Any many more ways to convert the traffic into big $$$

Now before finishing this really long post I just want to shed a little more light about one very trusted and legit way of earning money by forum posting. The way is, get yourself a freelance forum posting job at any reputed freelance market place like odesk and freelancer. I’m sure if your posts have quality then you can get a lot of jobs under the section of link building and content writing. This is really easy and works all the time.

I hope you liked this post so far. If you find this post useful, please share your thoughts with your friends and families. We would also like to hear from you if you’ve any question regarding this online money making business. Until next time see you and best of luck on making money online.

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