Earn at least $100 a day using Google+: Any Thirteen Year Old Can Do That

Google recently launched its newest social networking application called Google+. Some say they launched it to take over Facebook’s social empire and market sharing; but for us it became another important factor in SEO.

Google+ reached 25 million users in just two weeks and that’s a record in the social networking market. This shows the power of the big G. So just after launching the product it became one of the most important factors in SEO. Those who don’t know what SEO is; let me tell you in short it is Search Engine Optimization. This is the process which promotes a site, page or a blog to the search engines.

So after launching the product, people in the internet world suddenly had gone crazy about it. I hope you’ve seen a Google+ button in different web pages (you can see one at the bottom of this page); clicking this makes those web pages available to the other people in their circles. Just imagine sharing any thing on Facebook; Google+ works just like that. By now you should have understood the importance of the application.

Well now that we all understand the importance of the application its time to monetize this. The question is how we are going to use it to make money from this; the answer is very simple and easy. Don’t believe me? Have a little patience we are going to spoon feed you all this.

This is a very simple method and it works. If you have some friends and been invited to join the Google+ network (it is still join by invitation only apps) then it is easy money making opportunity. How?

Just go to fiverr.com and create an account. After the account is created offer a service something like this-

“I will get you 100 Google+ for just $5. All the accounts are real and traffic is real human. Order as much as you want. Turn around time is at least 24 hours. Order now.”

That’s it. Promote your gig and see money flows in to your account.

If you don’t know what fiverr is? Then let me tell you it is a market place for online job seekers where people offer some thing they are willing to do for $5. This is a very popular place for online marketers for the cheap price and variety of services offered by real people.

Now if you are wondering how to get 100 Google+ clicks then the answer is talk to some of your friends and ask them to join with you. You can also work in joint ventures.

If you are not able to arrange 100 Google+ visitors then you can always outsource it. Or you can split it with your friends and family.

And again if you can not arrange these clicks then you can contact me and we can work some thing out. I can provide more than a 100 in a day.

So no more talking just go and start working right now; if you work hard then I can promise you that you’ll make at least $100 every day.

UPDATE: When I wrote the post, Google+ just rolled out fresh. Things have changed remarkably and it's not the same now. But one can still make a decent amount of money with a bit of twist. Now, twists and tweaks are different for everyone. So, just use your imagination and you'll be still worth a lot. Hope this helps.

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