What to Do When Google AdSense Rejects You?

I was recently rejected by the Google AdSense Team, the reason I was rejected according to their evaluation was “insufficient content”. Here’s the message they sent me in response to my application.

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

Insufficient content “
This is the mail that AdSense Team Sent To me. 

This was not the first time they've rejected me, actually this was the second time. The first time they rejected me on the grounds of “difficult site navigation”. At that time I was new to IM and blogging and Blogger was new to me as well. So, when they claimed that my site was difficult to navigate, I had no other option but to admit it.

But this second time they rejected me, wounded me pretty hard. I’m not new anymore and to be honest with you I have had made quite some money on the net all by myself. So, this time I was hoping that they will accept me in their program and I will start making some passive income along with the contents that I’ve wrote for my audience. You know by now that it’s not the story.

After a while I was rejected from the Google AdSense program for the second time, I started to think why they keep disapproving my application to join their program. As I have never laid a single false claim in my blog posts like hundred others online are laying every single day, my contents are pretty clean and 100% unique. So what I was doing wrong?

Well, I have to admit that I’ve not done enough to get into their programs for sure. Almost one and half year and I have only 14 contents, which mean I have only 14 blog posts. The number is pretty shocking, where was I? What I was doing over those 18 months? Well, I know what I was doing but surely the AdSense team doesn’t. So, who to blame for not approving me into their program? The answer is no one but me; surely I was the only person to blame.

I’ve accepted that and made up my mind to make it work. So, my next challenge will be none other than to get myself accepted in the Google AdSense Program.

I have done some research and have seen that I was not the only guy that is struggling with the Google AdSense approval, there are thousand others struggling just like me. In my research I’ve found a few really interesting things. I found that there are a few things that are blamed for not getting approved into the AdSense Program. I’m listing what I’ve found interesting. 

AdSense Dislike Blogger

It seems that AdSense Program don’t like Blogger blogs too much. I have heard numerous complaints that AdSense program keep refusing Blogger blogs. So many claims can’t be wrong there must be some truth in it.

Re Submitting is the Only Option

AdSense team doesn't allow you to change the URL of your blog or site after submitting for the first time. So the only option you’re left with is resubmitting the same site or blog again and again until you finally get approved.

More, More and More Contents

AdSense Team likes to see lots of content on your blog or site. Some says that you need more than 50 unique and well written contents for approval. I don’t know the exact number but there are rumors that 30-50 contents could get you in. 

But when it comes to "Content", more is better. 

Follow AdSense Guideline Literally

There’s nothing new to it but it’s more likely usual that you need to play along with their rules to get their approval.

TLD (Top Level Domains) Gets Approved Faster

TLD means top level domain (eg. www.example.com not like www.your-site.example.com). Over the past few years TLDs are doing better than the Blogger. Self hosted sites or blogs are getting approved way faster than Blogger blogs though Google AdSense clearly declared that they will accept blogger blogs into their program. But that’s not in practice right now but they still have the policy.
Found On Google AdSense Support (Click On the Image)

So you might get into their programs with a Blogger blog. I’m going to give it a try but I would not suggest it until I get myself into their program. So, stay tuned.

But there are other examples of successful people that got themselves into the program with Blogger blog. Now, I can afford TLDs and I can build pretty nice WordPress self-hosted sites by myself. But I’m not going to do that rather I’m going to challenge myself with Blogger blog that I’ve been trying to do honestly for a long time with almost no effort.

So, what I’m going to do is to double my efforts and challenge myself harder to make this little duel with Google AdSense work for me. I know there are people, going to call me a fool but hey, there’s no harm in trying. Also, if I got myself accepted with a blogger blog then it’ll inspire a lot of people who are trying to do the same. That will be interesting for me as well.

Now that we’re clear about our goal, it’s time to actually start working on the duel with the AdSense Team. Let’s see who wins? If they keep rejecting me on grounds that are not holding up, then people will know about the problems they are going to face in the approval process. If I win and get accepted then people will know for sure that it’s a legit way to get into the AdSense program. So, here everybody wins and no one actually lose anything, except the Google AdSense Program(they don't lose either, AdSense shares revenue with their publisher which means that if I make money then they make money too. So it's no one actually loosing anything.). Let’s see what happens!

I know that a lot of you may be really curious to know why getting approved into their program is so important. Well, I’ll do a totally separate post about the importance of the AdSense Program. But in the mean time you could check out the post where I have talked a bit about the AdSense Program. That don’t cover the topic on a whole but it’ll give you bit of knowledge on the program for sure.

I’ll keep posting my updates and what I’m doing to get into their program regularly. This will help me in a certain way, I’ll be posting more often and I hope that will take care of insufficient content problem. Also I will try to gain some search rankings for my keywords as well.

In the next post I will talk a lot more on my content strategy and the tiny things that’ll make the difference. I’ll simply let you know everything that I’ll be doing or have done so far to get myself approved.

I hope that this help thousands of other people out there struggling with AdSense just like me. Let me know if you have any question or if you know some tricks that can get us approved into the program fast. Until next time take care.

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