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Everyday hundreds of people search online for “Make money online forums”, I do understand the importance of online forums. I myself do use them everyday and kind of like it as well. Moreover, the online forums have given me so much over the years in my online money making ventures that I feel I'm buried under their favors.

I'm not an online big shot guru something like that, instead I'm just an ordinary guy like you trying to make a living online. So, I felt that it's time I should give something back to the online community. So, here I'm with a brand new post. I've wrote a couple of posts that covers most of the forum topics. You can find those posts here.

Today we'll learn how to find online money making forums and I'm going to show you the simplest way to do so. There is a Chinese saying that

Don't teach how to eat fish, teach how to fish if you're really trying to help”

I love Chinese and I love this quote but forgive me for my ignorance, I don't know who's quote is this. Anyway, let's get back to our tutorial on online money making forums.

Well, most of the Internet Marketers, especially the new ones struggle like hell only because they don't know how to use Google to get the right result. Only this skill will boost your efficiency remarkably.

The Technique:

The simplest technique to find the most relevant online money making forums is to type in Google search bar “Your keyword” and then follow the step by step pictures. You'll get it without any struggle. 

Type In “Your Keyword”

Once You've typed in then use the drop down “More” menu. 

Select the discussion and voila, you've got your required and the most relevant results. See in the picture below.

Adding a double quote like the picture will ensure that you're getting the exact search result. This will definitely show more relevant results for you. Try it yourself.

Google Search Tools

But that's not the end of everything, I would love to add a few more advanced technique so that you can easily work your way up to the ladder. 

Google search tools is a great addition for the Internet Marketers. This way we can easily find the latest posts or discussions. Explore the tool and you'll be amazed by yourself.

Using Google search tools will not only let you use Google smartly but also faster than before.

Once you click the option search tools, you'll see a couple options; named “Anytime” and “All Results”. Both has drop down features, just click it and there will be a new era of search tools that will surely blow you away.
Just use the pictures here for references and you'll find it way easier than you thought it was possible.

I hope you'll find these simple but useful technique of Google search for yourself. Now that you know what to do, go and find yourself a few “online money making forum”. 

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