Bubblews: A New Way of Earning Money Online

Big news! I've got rejected once again (!) by the great Google AdSense Publisher Program. This time they were a little bit decent and rejected me for a valid reason. This time they've told me that I need more traffic and just not any traffic but the organic ones. You know the kind of traffic we do get from the search engines like the Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, the big news is out and I'll have to explore more ways to make some money online as me and my buddies are trying to make a bit of money online. I hope the Google team appreciate the effort I put in and take me in as their publisher sometime soon. Until then I'll keep exploring ways to make money online and share with my audience, which is by the way not a big one in size or in number, I should admit. But I'm an optimistic person and I'm kind of hoping to grow the number from not so big to some thing like really big.

While I'm still hoping to get approved and accepted by the Google AdSense Program, I'm exploring more ways to make money online. And by the grace of god almighty I've found a few interesting and legit ways of making money online. I'll be sharing these legit ways of making money online gradually. And the first one is ironically associated with the Google AdSense Publisher Program. If you're just like me, struggling for their acceptance; try this one.

Bubblews: A Revenue Sharing Platform

Bubblews has not done anything new or revolutionary, they're using the same
old formula that many other web 2.0 platforms are using like Squidoo. Squidoo shares their revenue with their contributor and they pay you every month. Some folks I know used to earn a lot from their Squidoo Lenses but later the Squidoo team became a bit fanatic about the quality of the Lenses (A Lense is nothing but a fancy way of naming their posts. At Squidoo, posts are called Lenses; that's it.) and started deleting the lenses that made them the most. Well, that's a risk you'll need to bare with you while using platforms that are not controlled by yourself.

Bubblews: Why It's Working?

Bubblews works and makes you some money because they're sharing the revenue a little differently than Squidoo or any other platforms are doing. Bubblews allow it's contributors to write on their site and let them publish it. After publishing the content, which is by the way called “bubblew”; they pay you 50% of their revenue.

50/50 Revenue Sharing

This new model can be very lucrative for many bloggers and it's looking good so far. I've read a few reviews that says Bubblews will not pay you or this model can't survive and other negative things like that. But it seems to me that it's almost 2 years and they are still growing strong. So hopefully they'll be sustaining with this revenue sharing model

Get Paid For Like/Dislike, View, Comment and Social Shares

Wow! That's something new, getting paid for disliked content! Great,isn't it? I love Bubblews for this reason only. They seem to pay you for every single thing that goes on with your content and the best thing is your contribution, they are still yours.

How Bubblews Pays You?

Bubblews don't own the Federal Reserve or anything like that, so they'll have to earn first to pay you; right? Well, they'll have to earn the revenue first to share with you; so the question is how they're earning?

Bubblews are earning with the good old way as an “AdSense Publisher”.

They have an AdSense Publisher account and they make money from that. They share their revenue earned by your posts. You get 50% of the revenue and they keep rest of the 50% of the total revenue, pretty fair deal.

Why Bubblews?

If I were you then I should be asking myself, “Why Bubblews and not others?”. The answer to this question is, Bubblews is a community and they have their own audience to keep the site growing. It's the only reason they're doing so well and continuously paying more to their contributors. They're so confident that this model will work, they have filed a patent for the revenue sharing model. The patent is still pending and hopefully Bubblews will get it on favor of them.

You can use other platforms like Squidoo along with Bubblwes at the same time. This will make you more money eventually, at least it'll increase chances of making more money undoubtedly.

Making money online has never been easy and it only happens when you put hard work to make it happen. So, what are you waiting for? Here's the link, it'll take you to Bubblews.

Start today and build your online reputation, this might lead you to make more money than you're aiming for.

I'll share another interesting but legit way of making money online in my next post. So do come back for more and don't forget to share this with your friends and families if you like this. Let me know if you have anything else to know, I'll try my best to answer you. Until next time, take care.

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